What to Do When Your Car is Damaged by a Hail Storm

What to Do When Your Car is Damaged by a Hail Storm

The hail storm strikes!

When a hail storm strikes your area there is usually a lot of uncertainty. Through most peoples lives, their property will never be hit with damaging hail. But what if it does? What do you do? Here is a list of basic instructions to follow after a hail storm.

Inspect your car. (Look for broken glass, tail lights, and anything else that could endanger you)
Call your insurance provider. Ask for a rental car. Hail is considered an “Act of God” and sometimes you have NO DEDUCTIBLE.
Take it to your local body shop you trust. They can give you and estimate based on PDR. —–Your DO NOT have to go to the body shop your insurance company “recommends”.
Take it to a second body shop or a paintless dent repair (PDR) tech for a second estimate.
If you have a deductible, ask the body shop for help with it. Especially if you are having your car PDR’d.
If you are taking your car to a hail repair company that sometimes sets up after a large hail storm be sure they can service any warranty work after they leave town.
After the repairs are finished, demand (nicely) to inspect the car under fluorescent lights. Scan the car using the overhead lights. Look for missed dents, and improperly repaired dents.
You do not have to pay them if the repairs haven’t brought the car back to it’s pre-damaged state. Ask them to fix any areas that aren’t repaired completely.

A couple of side notes:

The PDR tech may use a dent puller with glue, this is a safe procedure for most cars.

Often times at the beginning of a major storm, insurance companies are just trying to get through the process of repairing hundreds, even thousands of damaged vehicles. Be patient. If you can wait a couple of weeks, you can get your car repaired after the “rush” PDR techs face directly after a storm.

Although avoiding out of town techs seems smart, I beg to differ. If you find your local body shop has hired one in to do his PDR work, then the ultimately it is on the Body shop for the final repair. It is in the body shop’s best interest to hire a competent tech. It is hard to gauge how good a tech is that sets up an independent shop though.



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