The Economical Costs of Paintless Dent Repair



The Economical Costs of paintless dent repair


The primary reason why paintless dent removal is cheaper than traditional body shop work is the lack of materials needed. Most body shops use auto paint, fillers, sanders, and other materials to remove the dent from your car and provide it with a finish to make it look like new. Paintless dent removal relies only on the specialty tools and expertise of technicians, meaning that you never have to pay the overhead costs of paint materials.

Paintless dent removal works by massaging and shaping the metal to return it to its original shape. Whether you’re looking at a baseball-sized dent from a wayward shopping cart or small door dings caused by Hail Damage, the process works on dents of many different sizes. This kind of dent removal is gentle enough not to damage the existing paint but strong enough to pull out even the most stubborn dents.

Shorter Time Investments

Paintless dent removal also takes less time to complete than traditional body work or touch-up painting. Most body shops average a two- to three-day turnaround time, and the mechanics spend substantially more time giving your car the ideal finish. Since most auto repair shops charge labor on an hourly basis, this translates to higher costs to you – even if you’re only dealing with one or two minor dents. Paintless dent removal often takes less than an hour to complete, meaning that not only do you get your car back to its original condition sooner, but you pay less overall, as well.

Greater Car Value

One of the other financial benefits of paintless dent removal is the added value to your vehicle. A car with its original exterior finish is worth more than one that has been touched up or is otherwise altered in appearance. Paintless dent removal works with what is already on your car, so you never get the depreciation of traditional body work.

Lower Gas Costs

When you use the services of a mobile repair company, you also get the bonus of dent removal at your convenience. The company sends its professionals right to your door, so your time remains your own, and you never have to pay the travel costs of gas or time spent in traffic jams. When it comes to dent removal, there is simply no better option than paintless, mobile services.


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