Hail Damage Specialists

Hail Damage Specialists

There are not many things in life more frustrating than when you park your car somewhere assuming that will remain safe while you are away from it only to return to find it dented.
It never fails, someone’s shopping cart rolls into the back of your car or the person who parks too close to you dents your door with theirs.
Most of us don’t like living with these ugly dents in our cars but we do not want to get the car painted after the dent is fixed. But there is a process in which you can get paintless dent removal!

Finally there is a way to fix those dents and dings without having extensive body repair work. Or perhaps you made the mistake of backing into something causing a nasty crease in your vehicle; this technique can work for these mishaps as well.

paintless dent repair uses a technique in which dents are removed from the inside out so there is no need to repair the paint. Many sizes of dents can be repaired without having to ever be repainted.

A paintless dent removal business uses a special tool so the dents can be worked out bringing your vehicle back to its fresh off the lot look, while preserving the integrity of the factory finish.

The storms that devastated the south caused all kinds of damage, but perhaps the most common problem many had, was the Hail Damage that has affected most of our vehicles.

Hail Damage specialists can reverse the damage to your vehicle caused by these storms. With other repairs in need, many people don’t have the time or money for a conventional dent repair.

paintless dent repair is a quick and easy way to fix your hail dents and many other kinds and sizes of dents and damages, while saving 50-75% of the cost of a conventional dent repair. It can be done in mere hours as well, so you don’t have to find alternate transportation for a long period of time.
And with free estimates, a consultation with a paintless dent repair technician will not cost you a dime. Insurance can also cover the cost of your repair making this a wonderful option for your wallet and your vehicle.

Normally an insurance adjuster will have to look at your vehicle first than you can take the next step of getting your car fixed. Most Hail Damage Repair shops can assist with this process.


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